The highest citation in MCT2015: Congratulations to Drs Fatima et al.


Congratulations to Drs Fatima et al!

Article entitled "Long noncoding RNAs in development and cancer: potential biomarkers and therapies targets"  was published in Molecular and Cellular Medicine ( in 2015 and cited 34 times in a year ( This article was authored by Roshan Fatima, Vijay Suresh Akhade, Debosree Pal, and Satyanarayana MR Rao. . 


Long noncoding RNAs are emerging as key players in various fundamental biological processes. We highlight the varied molecular mechanisms by which lncRNAs modulate gene expression in diverse cellular contexts and their role in early mammalian development in this review. Furthermore, it is being increasingly recognized that altered expression of lncRNAs is specifically associated with tumorigenesis, tumor progression and metastasis. We discuss various lncRNAs implicated in different cancer types with a focus on their clinical applications as potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets in the pathology of diverse cancers.