The highest citation in MCT 2016: Congratulations to Drs Larsen et al.


Congratulations to Drs Larsen et al!

Article entitled "Albumin-based drug delivery: harnessing nature to cure disease" was published in Molecular and Cellular Medicine ( in 2016 and cited 25 times in a year. This article was authored by Maja Thim Larsen, Matthias Kuhlmann, Michael Lykke Hvam, and Kenneth A. Howard. 


The effectiveness of a drug is dependent on accumulation at the site of action at therapeutic levels, however, challenges such as rapid renal clearance, degradation or non-specific accumulation requires drug delivery enabling technologies. Albumin is a natural transport protein with multiple ligand binding sites, cellular receptor engagement, and a long circulatory half-life due to interaction with the recycling neonatal Fc receptor. Exploitation of these properties promotes albumin as an attractive candidate for half-life extension and targeted intracellular delivery of drugs attached by covalent conjugation, genetic fusions, association or ligand-mediated association. This review will give an overview of albumin-based products with focus on the natural biological properties and molecular interactions that can be harnessed for the design of a next-generation drug delivery platform.